Immersive, smooth and mysterious, this compact novel stages an encounter between a man, his wife and her closest friend over the course of one day. It explores truth – do we all have to accept the same one? – friendship, familial and cultural expectations and ultimately asks whether the stories we tell ourselves about us and the people we love are enough.


A good job, a beautiful wife, a big house in a nice neighbourhood; there’s really only one thing missing from the picture: a baby. But motherhood is a serious undertaking, especially for a wife who has always valued her selfhood above all else. Husband, wife and friend toe the lines of compromise and betrayal; told in three parts, each voice as compelling as the other, three people’s lives, their visions of themselves and each other begin to slowly unravel, ending with a startling discovery which throws everyone's integrity into question.

PUBLISHERS | UK: Jonathan Cape (Eng), US: Putnam (Eng), Canada: Penguin Random House (Eng)